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Alex Hoffler and Stacey O’Gorman: The Meringue Girls


Both trained chefs, Alex Hoffler and Stacey O’Gorman met working together in a Hackney restaurant and went on to bond over their love of sweet things. Not happy to simply get on board with other confectionery trends, the duo rejected cupcakes and cakepops, deciding instead to pioneer the humble meringue. The Meringue Girls were born, and have since catered to clients like Vogue and Alexander McQueen, with celebrity fans including Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein and Daisy Lowe.

As Gizzi Erskine says ‘ They have taken meringues to a different stratosphere. cool is clearly in their genes.’

OM: Can you describe an average day at work?

MG: We’ve just moved into a new bakery in Hackney, which we bake from and have a small office space in as well. We head there early to chat to our head baker about the baking list for the day, and about up coming orders. We really try to give our customers as much control as possible over their orders so working closely with our bakers is essential. Then we’ll head off to do some admin and arrange the deliveries for the day- we can bake up to 3000 meringues per day, so it gets pretty busy! Afternoons are usually spent in meetings with suppliers all over London or in the bakery.

OM: Have you always wanted to be a Meringue Girl?

MG: Both of us always wanted to have our own business, and once we met we knew we wanted to work together! Being a Meringue Girl really means a lot more than just the job title- we work with some great people and love having a good time at work. We have quite a lot of flexibility and want work to be a happy environment – so yeah, who wouldn’t want a job like that?!

OM: What was the hardest part about becoming a Meringue Girl?

MG: Having your own business is a big responsibility. It was a big risk for us starting up but it was all worth it in the end.

OM: And what’s the best part of the job?

MG: Everything! We are both finally doing something that we utterly adore – getting up and coming to work doesn’t feel like a chore anymore.

OM: Do you feel you’re treated differently in your industry because you’re a woman?

MG: No, but we mainly deal with women. We provide meringues for lots of weddings, and it’s nearly always the brides we talk to!

OM: What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever been given? And what other advice would you give to anyone looking to do something similar?

MG: The best advice we have even been given is “Don’t give up” – cliche we know, but these three words really pushed us to continue trying to achieve our dream.
Our advice would be just go for it! And passion and dedication are key.

OM: What qualifications and experience do you need?


Both of us are trained chefs which has been really helpful. Most of the girls we employ in the kitchen have been trained as well, and all have experience of professional kitchens.


OM: What does success mean to you?

MG: I think at the moment, success to us, is seeing just how people react to our products. We love nothing more then scrolling through Instagram, just looking at pictures of people baking their own kisses – it’s such a surreal and amazing feeling.

OM: What’s your feminist wish for the future?

MG: Equality for all! We’re definitely getting there.

Tweet the Meringue Girls here and see more of their delicious creations on Instagram here. 

You can buy their cookbook here ( and there’s a new one coming out this year!)

Photos by David Loftus

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