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Amber Jane Butchart: Fashion historian

In her own words, Amber Jane Butchart ¬†‘has had a lifelong love affair with dressing up, and is lucky enough to have turned this obsession into a career.’¬†Amber is a writer, broadcaster, historian and lecturer […]

Mar, 19

Dr Chiara Mingarelli: Astrophysicist

Dr. Chiara Mingarelli is an Italo-Canadian astrophysicist at the California Institute of Technology. There, she and her colleagues look for ripples of space-time from merging supermassive black holes. OM: Can you describe an average day […]

Mar, 04

Claire Benson: Fire scientist

Claire Benson is a fire scientist. Here she explains to us exactly what that involves and what its like ‘playing with fire’ for a living. OM: Can you describe an average day at work? CB: […]

Feb, 27


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