Occupy Me


Kim Boekbinder: Musician

New york musician Kim Boekbinder is at the forefront of the booming DIY music movement. So not only is she busy writing an infinite number of songs for her latest crowdfunded album, she also creates her […]

Mar, 10

Ruth Barnes: Radio presenter

With women so often under represented in the music industry, Ruth Barnes is fighting the good fight with her show The Other Woman, the UK’s only all female new music playlist. Catch her at it on Saturday […]

Feb, 25

Deborah Coughlin: Gaggle founder, writer, producer, composer, performer

  As Deborah Coughlin describes below, she has many strings to her bow. In fact, she probably has more than one bow. Journalist, director, producer, composer and performer, she may be best known for starting […]

Feb, 25


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