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Bryony Kimmings: Performance artist

Bryony Kimmings is a performance artist, making work that provokes and excites, sometimes autobiographical, often controversial. Early works include Sex Idiot and 7 Day Drunk, while more recently Bryony has enjoyed success with shows like […]

Mar, 23

Hollie McNish: Poet

Hollie McNish is a poet. You may well have seen one of her online videos; Mathematics, a poem focusing on UK immigration went viral, receiving over 1 million youtube views in just over a week. So what does […]

Mar, 07

Kirsty Gillmore: Sound designer and sound engineer

Kirsty Gillmore is another epic multi-tasker; she works as a sound designer, sound engineer, voice producer and voice artist. She runs her own company, Sounds Wilde which aims to remove the barriers between technology and creativity, allowing […]

Mar, 06

Deborah Coughlin: Gaggle founder, writer, producer, composer, performer

  As Deborah Coughlin describes below, she has many strings to her bow. In fact, she probably has more than one bow. Journalist, director, producer, composer and performer, she may be best known for starting […]

Feb, 25

Fran Scott: Science translator, demo- developer and TV presenter

  Fran Scott is a woman on a mission, bringing science and engineering to those of us who feel intimidated by the field. Through her explosive live demos ( see her in action above for the […]

Feb, 25

Marawa the Amazing: World Conquering Hula Hoop Master

It’s fitting that we’re featuring Marawa first on this site, as she is actually one of the professionals who inspired Occupy Me. You might have seen her yourself, either on TV in Britain’s got Talent, […]

Feb, 18


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