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Rachel Chudley: Interior designer

Rachel Chudley  began her career in the arts, working in both gallery curation and art direction (past projects include the much missed Guts for Garters). It’s this experience that has given her a totally unique […]

Mar, 25

Rosie Emerson: Artist

Rosie Emerson is a contemporary artist working almost exclusively in representing the female form. Her screen-prints, using unusual materials including charcoal powder, ash and sawdust shift the focus of printmaking from precision and replication, to the […]

Mar, 16

Tasha Marks: Food artist and founder of AVM Curiosities

Tasha Marks is a food artist, and founder of AVM (Animal, Vegetable, Mineral) Curiosities. She explores the relationship between art and food through edible events and installations, using food as an artistic medium. Previous clients include The […]

Feb, 27

Alice Gabb: Illustrator

If you frequent Broadway market, you may already know Alice Gabb. It’s there she began her career, selling her wares on a Saturday morning; all sorts of handmade stationery ranging from old-fashioned telegrams to ornate, […]

Feb, 27


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